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Professional Scuba Courses

Entering the professional world of scuba diving brings exciting challenges and endless possibilities: there is the chance to explore nature’s fascinating underwaterPADI Go Pro creatures and the opportunity to share your professional knowledge and experiences with students who want to learn. Getting paid to do something you enjoy is something everyone wants to achieve. Professional divers achieve this goal and are both respected and admired for their hard work and accomplishments.

From owning and operating a mainland dive center or resort, to working, teaching, and traveling across the ocean on a live-aboard dive boat, professional divers get to take part in a wide variety of fun and exciting experiences – both on land and under water. A career in diving can break you out of a nine-to-five rut, or open the door to adventurous part-time or full-time possibilities.

PADI dive professionals are envied for the lifestyles they lead. Schedule and plan dives on yachts as well as teach. Instructor Trainers travel to the world’s most exotic locations. What do all these people share? They are all diverse individuals who love their jobs. There are endless possibilities - it only takes desire to make it happen. Why not be a role model in your community and get paid for something that you love to do?

At any given time there are more positions available for PADI leaders than there are dive professionals to fill them. The bottom line is that whatever dive career path you choose your PADI credentials will get you where you want to go, faster and easier.

  • PADI Divemaster

    The PADI Divemaster course expands the problem solving skills developed by the PADI Rescue Diver program, and extends it from accident management and prevention scenarios to supervisory situations with student divers and certified divers.

  • EFR (Emergency First Response) Instructor

    Upon completion of the course, the candidate is certified to teach the Emergency First Response course to recreational divers and non-divers.


    This course is a combination of the PADI Assistant Instructor and the PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor courses taken in tandem.

  • Master Instructor

    PADI Master Instructors embody the true dive professional, having demonstrated a thorough understanding of the PADI System of diver education, and put it into practice by training 150 or more PADI Divers.

  • DAN Instructor

    DAN Instructor DAN Instructors are scuba diving educators who want to offer dive safety programs to their students. To become a DAN Instructor, you must participate in a DAN Instructor Qualification Course (IQC). The IQC follows a modular format. There is a Core Module and then a separate module representing each training program. You can take all five modules as Continue Reading


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