Critter College

Critter College

Wow! Have you ever seen an Orange Elephant Ear? Oh, you don't know what one looks like? You probably know a Yellowtail Jack when you see it, would you know what a swimming Crinoid looks like? How about a Beaugregory, or a Telesto, or a Ribbon Bryozoan? Everyone knows a Parrotfish, maybe not the exact name, but they know a Parrotfish. Telling friends that you saw a juvenile Margate or a Lancer Dragonet is much more impressive than saying you saw a big blue fish. Knowing the name of the critter/fish/coral picture in your photo album communicates your enthusiasm for diving to your friends and relatives more infectiously.

Did you know that coral reefs have survived on Earth for over 50 million years? Coral reefs are the primary source of food and income for millions of people, produce valuable chemical compounds for medicines, and provide a natural wave barrier. Would you like to learn more detail about how reefs develop and encourage other marine life? Would you like to learn more about symbiotic relationships, juvenile stages, or just plain where to look for infrequently seen species of critter?

Have we got a deal for you!

Critter College, a unique aquatic environment curriculum developed by We B Divin'. A curriculum which enhances divers' and snorkelers' basic knowledge, actively participate in preserving, and enhance their enjoyment of the world's reef systems. By completing all the courses, you will not only know where to look for all the infrequently seen species of critter and what to call them but will be awarded the distinction of Master Environmentalist Diver and be entitled to special discounts on camera equipment!

The following PADI Specialties are prerequisites that you may have already completed:

  • AWARE Fish ID
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy
  • Deep Diver
  • Night Diver

Be sure to ask about our one-of-a-kind Marine Life Snorkeling Specialty, Project Aware, Skin-Diving and Supplied Air Snorkeling certifications for Non-Divers.

  • Advanced Fish Watching

    This course picks up where AWARE Fish ID leaves off and broadens fish identification from 30 to 110 within 37 fish families.

  • AWARE Fish Identification

    This course is designed to introduce divers to the most common families and species of fish found in temperate and tropical waters.