BCD Service/Repair Process

Your BCD is inspected to make certain the repair cost is not going to be excessive. During this inspection, every working component (zipper, velcro, clip) of your unit is visually inspected for defects. We then check for any applicable upgrades to the low power inflator or the unit itself. If either of these is the case, you will be contacted for a decision. (Inspection fee may apply.)

  • The low power inflator is disassembled.
  • Dump valves are removed.
  • Bladders, if possible, are removed. All bladders are checked for contaminants and cleaned internally. They are then fully inflated and submersed in a deep tank to check for air leaks.
  • After disassembly, each section of your BCD is cleaned. The metal parts are treated in an ultrasonic bath with a mild organic acid for scale and metal oxide removal and metal brightening. Synthetic parts are cleaned via a warm mild detergent bath. All parts are then rinsed with fresh water, blown dry with filtered compressed air, and inspected under high magnification for minute internal damage.
  • During reassembly complete parts kits are installed as per the specific manufacturer’s specifications (this may include some or all of various o-rings, springs, and filters). We B Divin’ uses only EAN compatible lubricants during reassembly.

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