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IMorris, Wayne Hood wanted to forward some thoughts about my new Sealtek Dry Hood.

I used this hood with a 5mm full wetsuit this week. The water temperature was 48 to 50 degrees. I have a number of hoods from major manufacturers and even a custom hood. This hood is great! The neck seals well with the wetsuit even without the large bib. I did not feel any water flow around the neck at all. The GLIDESKIN-IN around the face was comfortable and did not require any trimming. The face opening was adequate with plenty of room at the chin and just the right overlap at the top of the mask seal.

The air vent worked perfectly. My divemaster, and wife, said she observed the vent working and I did not have any problem with water circulation at all. I preheated the hood with warm water and never felt any cold enter the hood during the dive. I wish the wetsuit worked that well. I have no reservations recommending this hood. 😉

I also used my 2mm Tropic Pro Gloves. Although a bit light for the cold water temperature, they allowed me to have the dexterity I require while instructing. They fit well and secured at the wrist well. I think I would like to see the 3mm SealTek gloves based on the mask. I have a number of heavier gloves but dexterity becomes a problem. I think with the benefit of the Sealtek, these gloves could be awesome. They have the seal that would allow the cuffs to go under the wetsuit wrists and keep water out.

I may just have to look into this.

I have included a photo with the hood and gloves.

Wayne Morris
MSDT #42238

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