Galapagos and Peru 2017

What an amazing trip we had!  One of our dive family and divemaster candidates, Gene Tyler, has posted video.  Click here.

About 5 minutes into the video you will see us on our 'check out'.  We had been traveling most of two days and everybody was tired and grumpy.  In typical Judy fashion I was complaining about 'having' to do a check out dive.  Boy was I all wet.  It was one of the best dives of the trip.  I couldn't count how many sea lions were playing with us!  They were still there playing when we ran out of air and had to leave.

Then about 15 minutes into the video you will see footage from our last dive.  There were so many eagle rays (and one golden ray) that you could not count them.  They came in groups of 2 to 25.  I bet there were at least fifty.

The second week was spent touring Peru and Incan ruins.  We ate lama and guinea pig.

It was an all around awesome adventure.

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