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First I'd like to thank you for the kindness you showed me when I signed up for your open water class, and I really appreciate the advice to wait and choose if I want to upgrade to a full wet suit. I'll be in later this week to do more shopping with you on that issue...lol

BTW...your instructors were AWESOME and I had a really good time this past weekend taking the test. They really did make me feel confident in performing everything that was asked of me. I can't thank you and them enough. Thanks for your time.


By the way, your training and guidance worked out very well for my trip to Maui. I got certified very easily and it made our trip grand. As a footnote, most of the divers wore long suits and I was glad that I did not purchase a short diving suit.

May 2011,

Thank you so much for the fun and very informative class. We hope to see you for future dives (cold water!!)

Cathy & Amanda,

I'm not sure if you knew this, but I'm an active member of CERTs. Our Emergency Training Coordinator and Incident Commander organized a  search and recovery/triage exercise out in the wilds. The grounds covered over  three hundred acres of rocky, under brush woods with high elevation caps ranging  from 1050 feet to 1150 feet.  Within this terrain, the team was to use the  incident command system and emergency medical procedures to find and treat the  people acting as victims. I cannot thank you enough Michael Turner for your excellent emergency first response class and Judy for the public service in  offering the class. You put me through the paces, but during the emergency  simulations I was able to perform without hesitation.  One of the trainers saw  that I had some training and encouraged me to show others how to respond to "the body" trapped under the car. We isolated the C-spine, performed cribbing, rolled the body onto the backboard and taped the forehead, chin, hips, knees and ankles  to the backboard for transportation.  Its amazing how training takes over in an emergency!  I was very pleased that I knew what to do. Thanks very much again.

Pamela Durgan,