We B Divin' is The Ultimate Diveshop!

We B Divin' is your personal resource for scuba training (PADI), equipment sales, service, and travel.

We B Divin' prides ourselves on individualized training, especially for people with water related anxieties. Our rental gear includes weight integrated BCD's, computers, and regulators for state of the art training and the ultimate in safety. Remember, enjoyment and safety are enhanced by comfort, not cost.

We will personally fit you, whether your primary interest is diving or snorkeling. We offer both group and individual dive travel opportunities. Singles, couples and families are welcome. Singles may ask to room share or can choose the single supplement option.

We B Divin' is a PADI Five Star IDC Training facility. In order to gain this status with the premier training organization in the world we were required to meet high standards of quality training, safety (of course) in training and service, and active participation in public awareness projects, to name a few.

At We B Divin' we strive to train divers, not simply certify people. To us, this means that our students:

  • Get more personal instructor attention because our classes never exceed eight people and most are less;
  • Train in weight integrated BCDs, both male and female styles, using computers with compasses, experience wet suits, both male and female styles, both in the pool and at checkout;
  • Are trained in our onsite heated pool, i.e., there is no limitation on pool scheduling or length of time available;
  • Develop a clear understanding of how to use a dive computer;
  • Develop a comfort level with their compass;
  • Experience the mentoring and instructional leadership to develop the confidence and skills to enjoy the independence of diving without being kept on a short chain (so to speak).

Does becoming a great diver happen after 8 hours in the pool, 8 hours in class, and 4 certifying dives? Of course not. There is a world of information and skills to master in the process of becoming a diver - its more than just simply becoming certified. Becoming a diver happens over time as the student grows in their diving knowledge through continued education and blossoms within the mentoring and leadership of their instructors.

If you are looking for a dive shop home and have looked at others, you already know that we have a much stronger commitment to ongoing education. Why? Because ongoing education deepens your enjoyment of snorkeling and diving. We have many courses focused on the underwater world and maintaining it for our future and the futures of the generations to come. Most of the courses found in our Critter College were written by our staff because the standard specialties only whetted the appetite of our dive family.

We are open Monday through Friday from noon to 7 pm and Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm. We are open Sunday by appointment only.